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    Gabriella started learning the art of cooking from a very young age.

    Her origins being Brescian, which is, from Brescia in Lombardy, means she had to learn our local dishes from her mother-in-law's family recipes. Even more, she passionately researched the heritage from a wide range of perspectives and disciplines: the language, traditions, the environment and finally its cuisine. Today, she enjoys working with her daughter Mihaela, and together they prepare the classic local dishes with touches of modern cuisine, just to keep things interesting.


    Respect for the typicities of the region, innovation and creativity: nodding to the future while looking at the past.

    Season Menus, which include dishes made from the vegetables, the fruit and the wild herbs collected in our kitchen garden and surrounding fields. We never use artificial flavours. The ingredients that make up a dish must be pure and recognisable. We make our own bread and pasta, using only our sourdough starter. We offer a rotation of four menus – which are never the same – and for guests that have specific diet requirements or have food allergies we also offer vegetarian, gluten free and specifically prepared dishes.