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    San Michele del Carso was one of the critical theatres of the Great War.

    Today, instead, walking along the many paths that crisscross the slopes, all you feel is the peace and quiet of the rural surroundings. Immersed in such stillness, it is hard to imagine it as the crossroads of different cultures or as having a twin sister on the other side of the once closed border – the Slovenian Kras mirroring the Italian Carso. And it is the same with the Isonzo - Soča and the Collio - Brda. What truly have always connected the lands to our cuisine are the recipes, which include the ingredients you can find locally – aromatic herbs and wild edible plants.


    During some periods of the year, the Karst comes alive bursting with colours. Such beauty is so enchanting that visitors cannot resist going for a walk along the paths filled with colour, and finally fully gratified stop at the Lokanda or the Osteria for refreshments and a rest. Those, however, who have to deal with the land, know that the Karst can be harsh. Up here there is no easy gratification; the soil is harsh and requires double, triple hard work and lots of commitment. Agriculture here is an act of heroism. A dry soil, which gives products of quality, not quantity. These are the reasons why being able to serve our own products always brings an enormous satisfaction.


    Mountain bike CONWAY M-Sport
    1h = 10€
    3€ for every more hour
    After 6h/ all day = 25€

    - The price includes: helmet, repair kit and pump.
    - Time service: from 8:30 am.
    - The bike must be returned at the hotel within 8 pm.
    - At desk: information about the itineraries and the attractions of the area.